The 2022 HALO Award

With the help of the new Digital Dealers Notice, the HALO award encourages all retailers to review their online hallmarking material, raise the profile of hallmarks and introduce additional information throughout their online space.

Example areas of creative output may include:

  • Prominence of ‘Digital Dealers Notice’ in your online store
  • Social media content/posts/shares/likes promoting hallmarking
  • How you demonstrate your business’s commitment to UK hallmarking
  • Any links to additional pages where more information can be found – either internal or external links
  • Details of any external press coverage
  • Printed material e.g. inserts into shipment packages

The Award will be won by the most effective online initiative relating to the display of the new Digital Dealers Notice and the education surrounding British Hallmarking.

The winner will be announced in September and invited to the 2022 Benevolent Society Ball, held at the Grand Hotel Birmingham on Thursday 8th December.


What do the Winners Receive?

In addition to increased sales through clearer messaging, the “Winner” and those “Highly Commended” for the Award will be presented with a set of approved digital assets to promote their success across all retail channels and social media.

The Award will carry national recognition through official BHC & NAJ press releases and communication.

The winner will also receive a magnificent silver salver, to be held for one year and a year’s subscription to the Assay Assured scheme.


How can I enter?

Jewellery retailers should send their completed application form in before the closing date of 16th September 2022 in order to be considered for the award.

You should ensure, when completing your submission, that you comprehensively address each listed item individually and specifically on the application form. 

You can find out more information on the application process by downloading the HALO Application Form.

Request HALO Award Entry Form

 Enter online

How will submissions be judged?

Marks will be awarded for each Section listed above against criteria designed to measure the most effective initiative.

Please note that your entry will be marked entirely on the information which you include in the application and judges will not take account of any other knowledge that they may have of your activities.

There is no word limit on the submission but please be mindful that content is more important than brochure quality presentation. The judges’ principal responsibility is to consider the scope, effectiveness and outcomes related to the submission. It is important to include supporting evidence of all the good work that you have done.

The BHC reserves the right not to grant the award, if it is of the opinion that none of the submitted applications merits an award. 

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Using the new Digital Dealers notice

Recognising the need to bring awareness of UK hallmarking to the growing number of web-based customers, in October 2021, the BHC launched its Digital Dealers Notice to support the UK jewellery industry and protect all consumers whilst shopping online.

With the original format of the Dealers Notice designed for face to face/in-store transactions -and still a legal requirement for all jewellers to display – the new digital image is provided as an additional tool to explain the vital information contained in a hallmark.

Joining forces to promote it to the industry for its own protection and that of its customers, the BHC and NAJ encourage all jewellers to use it online to give high visibility and awareness to the importance of hallmarking.


Download Digital Dealers Notice