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Can I add another business to my membership, such as a new trading arm?

Yes, you can. In order to add another business to your membership, you will need to apply through the membership application form and mark trading as, completing the relevant detail for your existing membership.

Do I have to pay if I add another branch to my membership?

Not necessarily, but it is likely. Various categories work slightly differently but all members are required to update the Association with business information such as the number of branches if a retailer, or employee numbers for other categories.

Do you have to be a member of the National Association of Jewellers to sell Jewellery?

Simple answer, no. Only jewellers who are prepared to abide by the Association’s Code of Conduct, based on honesty, integrity and professionalism should be members. The NAJ is proud of its members and consumers gain peace of mind through the code, which includes the supporting customer charter.

Do I need to supply trade references as part of my application?

As part of the application process, if you are not a UK Business or are unwilling to permit a personal credit check, the Association will require trade references as part of the application.

Can I join Created in the UK or the JET Business Network, even if I’m not a member of the Association?

Yes, you can join both the Created in the UK Scheme and also the JET Business Network (Retailer only) as a non-member. However, in both cases the annual subscription is more than double the subscription is for members.

This means that for the majority of cases it is more cost-effective to join the Association to access Created in the UK or the JET Business Network (JBN). In doing so you will also gain access to several other benefits.

What’s the difference between designer and retailer membership? I could apply for both?

A designer membership is for businesses operating with one person (plus up to one member of staff) designing and/or creating bespoke pieces with an annual turnover of less than £75,000.

If the turnover or number of people in the business is higher than these figures, then the application should be made to the retailer category. Rest assured, there is no difference to the suite of benefits accessible.

What’s included in my welcome pack?

Each welcome pack is slightly different, but all members receive a welcome letter, a certificate, little book of benefits, information on ‘how to’ use the most popular member benefits and a window sticker for the business. The latest copy of the jeweller is included in the pack. IRV members and fellows also benefit from an ID card.

Do you introduce me to the membership as a new member?

All new members are welcomed to the membership via the monthly email newsletter with a link to your find a jeweller profile for members to learn more about you.

However, new members are also encouraged to prepare PR material to share with the marketing team to be included in digital communications, social media activity and even in the jeweller magazine.

Designers, manufacturers and suppliers particularly are encouraged to share their collections with the editor of the jeweller to be featured in edits and articles in the publication.

Why is there a joining fee?

For each new application the Association charges a one-off joining fee.  This in part ensures the Association can maintain competitive annual fees by ensuring duties such as credit checks and financial report sourcing are costed into the application procedure.

New members however can get their joining fee refunded by TH March directly if they take a new policy out within 6 months of joining the Association. This included 6 months prior to and 6 months after the join date.

There is a fee for IRVs to join, why?

Different to general membership of the Association, Valuers wishing to become MIRVs have to submit sample work for the IRV Registration & Professional Review Panel to assess.  This takes them considerable time and the panel are paid a small remuneration to cover the time involved.

I offer valuation services but do not yet meet the entry criteria for the IRV, can you help me?

In order to become an IRV there are certain criteria which must be met – one of the main pre-requisites for an applicant is a valuation qualification. The Association’s JET Certificate in the Foundations of Appraisal Practice is the qualification most valuers will complete as part of their career development to become a valuer.

Despite there is no legal obligation for a valuer to be registered with any trade body, it is widely recommended by the trade and the supporting insurance sector that valuers must follow the NAJ’s Principles of Best Practice for Valuers, whether you are an IRV or not.

Can I apply over the phone?

All members are required to complete the application form and submit to the Association, preferably via email. Most people applying find it is easier to do this themselves given the need for detailed information.

However, if you are unable to complete your application form, we will be happy to support you where required.


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