Who is your complaint about? 

1. The Association 

If you have a complaint against the Association itself, please try to speak to the person you have been dealing with, who should be able to help you to resolve the issue.  

If you are still unhappy, please contact the appropriate person to have your complaint investigated further (see contact table below). 

All complaints about the Association will require your complaint in writing to the relevant mailbox presented below, or by post to: 

NAJ Complaints

Federation House

10 Vyse Street


B18 6LT

Please ensure your complaint includes: 

Points to be included in a letter of complaint to the NAJ: 

  • Your name and full address, daytime telephone number and email address 
  • The name of the person or service you are complaining about 
  • The date on which the issue arose, and any subsequent issues 
  • The details of your complaint, including relevant correspondence. 
  • Confirmation of the progress of your complain thus far. 

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Our Approach

How We Treat Complaints 

2. A Member of the Association 

If your dispute is with a member of the Association, you can access NAJ Resolvethe independent consumer complaints service for jewellery businesses in the UK and Ireland, operated in conjunction with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution. 

NAJ Resolve

Check a member


3. A Jewellery business that is not a member of the Association 

Unfortunately, we cannot deal with complaints against non-members. We suggest you contact your local Trading Standards Department for support. 

If you need help making the complaint, contact Citizen's Advice: 


Who will hear your complaint?

Complaint against Heard by Contact via
A Member Company NAJ Resolve  Register Dispute
A non-Member Company Trading Standards
An employee of the Association NAJ Principal Officer
The Principal Officer NAJ Chair
An NAJ volunteer (while acting in a voluntary capacity on behalf of NAJ) NAJ President
The Chair and Senior Officers of the Association NAJ President
The President of the NAJ NAJ Chair