Looking for a mentor?

The NAJ offers its members a free mentoring service, drawing on both business experience and knowledge of the jewellery trade. The NAJ match mentees and mentors based on needs and location. Whether you need advice on your manufacturing process or how to launch a new product, our mentoring service puts you in touch with industry experts.

To apply as a mentee please send an email outlining your needs and your location to 

Want to give something back to the industry?

The NAJ are looking for individuals that are willing to give something very valuable back to our industry by helping others learn from their experience. By becoming a mentor, you would be helping the next generation develop their skill set.Any member of the NAJ can put themselves forward at any time.

To apply please send an email outlining your expertise and your location to

How Mentoring Works

  • A mentor does not give advice, rather helps the mentee to weigh up situations, challenge and feedback allowing the mentee to come to a decision themselves
  • The mentor’s role is to respond to the mentee’s needs and agenda with advice and help often through their existing trade network
  • Mentors will agree with the mentee how they wish the relationship to work and the appropriate number of meetings in a year. The relationship is completely confidential
  • Mentors and mentees will respect each other’s time and other responsibilities, ensuring they do not impose beyond what is reasonable
  • Mentors agree to be placed on the NAJ Mentoring Register for a period of a year.

Mentoring Sessions

It is recommended that a standard mentoring session should last between 1-2 hours initially every 4-6 weeks. Should the Mentee require more time or for the Mentor to carry out research or any project related work on behalf of the Mentee, this may be chargeable. Any costs and charges should be clearly laid out and agreed in writing prior to any work being carried out.


The Mentor will agree not to charge for his/her standard mentoring sessions. It is assumed that mentoring sessions will take place in a location suited to the Mentor or via Skype / telephone. Should the Mentor incur any costs (e.g. travel) these may be charged to the Mentee.


The duration of the mentoring should be sufficient time for the Mentee to put any changes into practice. However, it should be short enough to enable Mentors to move on and mentor other candidates. Therefore, an initial period of one year is suggested after which it can be extended.


The NAJ will not be held accountable for any actions related to the mentoring programme. The role of the NAJ is merely to introduce Mentees to Mentors. Should the Mentor and Mentee accept, any further dealings are between the Mentor and the Mentee. Involvement in the NAJ Mentoring Programme cannot be used for commercial gain.


To track mentoring activity, it is recommended two simple forms are completed. The first is the Mentoring Agreement Form completed at the initial meeting which sets out the goals and expectations of the mentoring. The second form, the Mentoring Evaluation Form is completed after 6 months of mentoring (or less) and serves to evaluate the goals, see if expectations have been met and state if the mentoring is to continue.

Missing skills

Should a Mentee request mentoring in a subject area not supported by any of the Mentors these should be referred to the NAJ Education Department: