NAJ Awards

NAJ Awards are a popular way of recognising the brilliance of your organisation, the professionalism of a work colleague or the positive impact a team or group has made to your company.

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NAJ Awards recognise companies and people that have gone above and beyond to deliver great results, an unforgettable experience and in some circumstances a legacy for others to follow.

Enter the 2023 NAJ Awards

Have you got a good story to tell?

It doesn’t matter what shape or size your company is, this is about highlighting to the sector something special, different or unique. For example, if a small jewellery supplier has done something which might seem relatively simple, but actually delivered ground-breaking results to their business, this is worth shouting about.

If you’re unsure what bright idea fits where, talk to us and we’ll help point you in the right direction.

Remember, when entering awards (not just ours) – you should always write about what makes you or the individual you are nominating special.

You might choose to work with an agency or freelancer to write or record the entry on your behalf and guidance is availble for members via the NAJ Better Business guide.

Find out about working with freelancers

How does it work?

NAJ Awards reprensent an ideal opportunity to reflect and celebrate the year just gone, and get excited about what's next.

A number of previously shortlisted and winning nominations have receieved generous PR and promotional opportunities both within the wider Jewellery industy, and the communities they serve.

NAJ Awards are open to the entire Jewellery sector, not just members, although an entry fee is chargeable to non-member organisations.

Supporting the Awards

The easiest way of supporting the awards is to make an entry for a company or indiviual you've been blown away by since last December. Infact, it might be that you'd like to make a nomination for yourself as you've done something extra special this last year.

However, as a key event in the Jewellery calendar, we're often asked about how organisations can showcase support for the event outside of making an entry. All award categories do offer sponsorship opportunities, as well as supporting packages to feature in communications in both the lead up to, and review of the Awards.

Enquire about sponsorship opportunities