Why should you take an NAJ short course?

Our first answer would be 'why not?!' But, here's another eight reasons what make NAJ short courses worthwhile. 

1) Speed - our short courses take anywhere from 30 minutes to three days to complete, that's pretty fast!

2) Cost - significant discounts for NAJ members are available on top of already competitively priced courses.

3) Flexible - most of our courses are delivered online meaning they can be completed around your busy schedule, what's more, the in person training is offered in multiple locations so you don't have to travel too far.

4) Variety - whether is jewellery, marketing or Health and Safety it's all here, ready and waiting for you and your team to pick up and embrace.

5) Study at your own pace - we're all different and have different learning styles. So that's why we've built our course portfolio for you to take at your own pace.

6) A stepping stone to bigger things - our courses are popular as additonal learning between our JET pathway, or as introduction for a specialist area of a business.

7) Workplace development - you might have been tasked to take on more responsibility or improve a function of a jewellery business, you've arrived at the right place!

8) Career progression - nothing beats hands on experience, but before you take the leap make sure you're knowledge and skills are best prepared through a short (but mightily practical) NAJ course.


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