Zodiac Birthstones Jewellery: Star Signs, Gemstones and Their Meaning

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Gemstones – what makes them so very desirable?

There’s Beauty of course, Rarity is important and Durability equals ‘everlasting’… together they amount to nature at its most valuable. However, that certainly isn’t where their worth ends. We can also add Emotion, Celebration, Commemoration, Mysticism, Healing, Energy, Friendship… to the list. And Birthstones – should you wish them to – carry a great deal of positive weight.

For centuries people from across the globe have used different coloured gemstones to mark occasions, to send subliminal messages, to show status, to treat illness and even to prevent drunkenness! Sublime beauty and fashion aside, particular coloured gemstones, particularly Birthstones, have always conveyed meaning… for the giver and for the wearer.

Celebrating a new beginning, a birthday, an anniversary with a piece of jewellery set with a meaningful gemstone is as thoughtful and relevant today as it has ever been. Below we outline the various gemstones that are traditionally associated with the months of the year, together with a few of the alternative birthstone gems, should you prefer to have a choice.

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Zodiac birthstone chart

 Month  Star Sign  Traditional Gemstone  Alternative Gemstone
 January Capricorn Garnet Rose Quartz
 February Aquarius Amethyst Amber
 March Pisces Aquamarine Jade
 April Aries Diamond Clear Quartz / Rock Crystal
 May Taurus Emerald Chrysoprase
June  Gemini Pearl Moonstone
July  Cancer Ruby Carnelian
August  Leo Peridot Spinel
September  Virgo Sapphire (blue) Lapis Lazuli
October  Libra Opal Pink Tourmaline
November  Scorpio Topaz Citrine
December  Sagittarius Tanzanite Blue Topaz


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Birthstone jewellery and their meaning

January - Faith, Eternity, Truth


 Garnet Ruppenthal

Rose Quartz

 Rose Quartz London Road

February - Luck, Wittiness, Health


Amethyst Ruppenthal


Amber Beata Gregorczyk

March - Happiness, Understanding


Aquamarine (Tivon)-min[1]


 Jade diamond earrings by Sarah Ho-min[1]

April - Eternity, Courage, Health


DIAMOND  (Ntinga)-min[1]

Clear Quartz / Rock Crystal

 thumbnail Clear QuartzRock Crystal Flora Bhattachary -min[1]

May - Fidelity, Goodness, Love


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Chrysoprase Sushilla Jewellery-min[1]

June - Peace, Nobility, Beauty


Tahitian Pearls Ruppenthal-min[1]


Moonstone (Ntinga)jpg-min[1]

July - Love, Enthusiasm, Strength


Ruby Ntinga-min[1]


Carnelian Monica Vinader-min[1]

August - Success, Peace, Love


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thumbnail Peridot GF Williams-min[1]


 Spinel (Tivon)-min[1]

September - Serenity, Truth

Sapphire (blue)

Sapphire (Tivon)-min[1]

Lapis Lazuli

October - Purity, Hope, Health


Opal (Ntinga) 2-min[1]

Pink Tourmaline

thumbnail Pink tourmaline GF Williams-min[1]

November - Wisdom, Courage, Sincerity


Topaz Ruppenthal -min[1]


 CITRINE  (Ntinga)

December - Love, Happiness, Luck


Tanzanite (Tivon)-min[1]

Blue Topaz

 Blue Topaz  Ruppenthal-min[1]

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