Anti-DDoS Protection – Why Do We Need it?

One of the most common forms of cyber-crime today is Anti DDoS Protection attacks, or Denial of Service attacks. A DDoS is a coordinated attack on a computer network by attackers using either spoofed Internet messages or real messages that cause the targeted machine to trip out and shut down. Some types of DDoS include packets flooding a network, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) where several computers are simultaneously attacked, or what is more colloquially referred to as a “bot” attack. Bot attacks are when a software application is used to send fake traffic to simulate the performance of a legitimate server.

Anti-DDoS Protection – How it Can Help Your Business

There are many ways in which an attacker can inflict an attack. However, the most popular methods are through spoofed Internet communication (ping) or sending specially crafted packets. The ping is sent to an IP address, or random IP address, to request information from the target machine. If the target machine responds then the attacker gains access to the information that they are seeking.

In order to prevent an attacker from getting inside your network and causing you to lose valuable data or services, you must have an anti-spoofing IP blocking device installed. These are devices that block incoming IC packets. It prevents the packets from being able to reach the destination port and spoof any IP address into it, hence preventing the attack to happen. You should make sure however that the blocking device that you get is of good quality and it should be able to deal with the kinds of attacks that are done online.