How to Advertise Job Opportunities

Are you looking for how to advertise job vacancies online? Are you sick of the generic and outdated applications that are floating around the Internet? Do you want your vacancy listings to be eye catching and attention grabbing? It is easy, you just need to know how. To help you get more candidates’ attention by using more creative and informative content, put together 5 unique ways to advertise job vacancies in the shape of customized social networking templates which you can easily modify. These 5 different ways to advertise job vacancies are very easy to use, don’t worry they are effective and will definitely help you land more jobs!

How to Advertise Job Opportunities

First is to advertise your vacancies through multiple job boards and classified ads sites such as craigslist, workbenches, stackless, etc… Just be sure to have your advertisement on these sites within the designated website space and title, do not advertise in a blog or anything within your main site. Using Facebook, MySpace, and twitter to advertise your vacant positions is a good start, just be sure that when you advertise through these websites, you have links back to your homepage so that your visitors can instantly be redirected to your homepage to read more about you and how you can help them find a position. When you are advertising through Facebook, MySpace, and twitter you must include all relevant information, such as a cover letter, a resume, a company photo, and a tagline, this will help to ensure that your visitors can remember who you are and what you can do for them. Also be sure to include your keyword optimized description within your ad, and keep your ad upbeat and creative!

Second is to advertise your vacancies through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When you choose these search engines to post jobs you can choose to list your vacancies on by state, by industry, or simply choose to post jobs according to geography. Depending on which of these options you choose to use, simply be sure that you are targeting people who are searching for a similar position as yourself, otherwise your efforts will be fruitless! Finally, the third most effective way to advertise your vacant positions is via specialty job sites. These sites specialize in a certain type of position and will help you attract the most qualified candidates.

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