N95 Masks – How to Protect Yourself From Inhaling Dust and Other Pollutants

N95 masks are used in the workplace as well as in other public places and environments to protect employees from respiratory illness. A variety of reasons can drive a worker to wear an N95 mask, including protection from dust, fumes and other harmful airborne particles as well as from pollen and other airborne allergens. In order to protect their patients from respiratory illness, they often require their staff to wear these masks. In the case of businesses and public places such as parks and schools these respirators are often worn by all staff members. While the protective equipment may protect the employee from a dangerous situation on the job it may not necessarily protect the employee from respiratory illness. Read More – https://dmbsupply.com/collections/n95-masks

N95 Mask is Designed to Filter Out Airborne Particles

An N95 mask is designed to filter out airborne particles that may cause health problems if inhaled. In the case of healthcare workers this includes preventing irritations of the eyes as well as other symptoms of irritable air syndrome, which may result in temporary or permanent blindness if not addressed. N95 masks are manufactured using advanced particle collection technologies that block harmful airborne particles from being released back into the air. A variety of N95 masks are available for healthcare workers, regardless of whether they are employed in facilities such as hospitals or general public places.

N95 mask filtration technology has improved significantly in recent years and the standards for these manufacturing processes have been increased to ensure the highest level of protection for the public. Currently, there are many different types of N95 masks available. Some N95 masks have a built in air purifying system, while others are designed to work with the existing filter system that is in place in many healthcare facilities. The best way to choose a N95 mask is to consult your healthcare provider or respiratory therapist for the specific type of N95 respirator masks that are right for your needs. If you are a healthcare professional who needs to use N95 masks consider speaking to a respiratory therapist to find out more information on the many benefits of using high quality N95 masks.

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