What is a Temporary Work Agency?

A temporary work agency, temporary staffing company or temporary recruitment agency finds and holds employees for a short period of time. Most other businesses, in desperate need of temporary workers, hire the temporary work agency to either send temporary employees, or temp temps, to work at other businesses on temporary assignments. For some small businesses, they see it as a cost effective way to keep another person or set of people off their books for a few weeks or months. Many small businesses find out that hiring temporary employees is cheaper than keeping a full-time employee. This link: lucrezineuropa.com


When workers are hired through a temporary staffing or employment agency, they are sent to the home of the worker. The agency then pays their home utility bills while they are there. Their pay is usually higher than what they would receive at a regular job because they are not entitled to receive benefits and are only paid an hourly rate. However, many temporary work agencies will supply some medical benefits upon request for an extra fee.


Finding a good temporary work agency can be done by looking through the classifieds in your local newspaper. You may also look online, but you should be careful who you are hiring through these agencies. You should always make sure that the company has a license, a government seal and is registered in your state. Many smaller agencies may not have all the above information and you want to check before you commit.

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